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John is a regular contributor to NABTalk, and has been featured as a man of interest in a number of other publications.  

The Top 10 Assests Most Likely to be Abandoned

While the temptation to abandon those asset anomalies you have in various cases may be great, think twice before taking action because you could actually be abandoning real value for the estate if you do.  You just need to think a little more creatively on how to handle these unique assets so they'll add to the estate's bottom line. 

Interesting Assets: Find 'Em, Liquidate 'Em

Don't let those interesting assets fall to the wayside.  This article gives ten strategies for liquidating interesting and unusual assets in order to make a meaningful distribution to creditors. 

Ten Strategies to Triumph Over Timeshares

While the temptation to abandon asset oddities may be great, think twice before doing so; you could be abandoning real value for the estate.  Obtain the utmost possible value for the estate by adopting these creative strategies for handling unique assets. 

Turning the Unusual into the Usual

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are closed with "no assets to report".  Many times assets that are listed on the schedule as unworthy may only be unusual instead.  A private investor can take the unusual and turn it into the usual, resulting in a win-win situation for the creditor and trustee alike.